Fitness centre

On the second floor, Kibo's Health and Fitness Club is in an environment that inspires our guests and members to perform and with top-of-the-range amenities that keep them energized under the supervision of our professional instructors.

Massage Centre

Take indulgence to a new level by treating your body with our massage treatments designed for rest and rejuvenation at our Massage Centre. Counter the negative effects of travel-induced stress with a stimulating massage

Sauna or steam room

Your visit is not complete without a session--or several--in our sauna and start on the journey of cleaning and refreshing the body. Detox, relax and loosen your muscles using the ancient method of detoxifying and healing the body, mind and spirit. ...

Swimining pool

Welcome relief from the city’s buzz. As the night sets in, the pool morphs into an ambiance of chic relaxation. The pool is open to the general public, offering a decadent lounging experience..